There are many areas of the world that are without electrical power, or endure repeated breakdowns in power supply at peak demand periods. The heavy costs of providing transmission infrastructure across difficult terrain, or where the costs of right of way for transmission lines are uneconomic or politically unfeasible, mean many areas are unserviced.

Furthermore, recent power project planning trends have led public opinion away from flood-valley hydro-generation and away from nuclear power station installation, due to the environmental risks involved. Small hydro ˇ§run of the riverˇ¨ projects that have little adverse affects, (and sometimes even provide habitat recovery and beneficial results in wetlands), provide the ideal way of generating enough power for remote residential, mining or industrial/scientific communities.

However, the problems associated with achieving the necessary 24/7 drive power for adequate electricity generation, whilst attending to the need for habitat impact mitigation, leave very few sites for such ventures that can meet the consumption requirements of a community.

Paradoxically, it was the concerns over pollution that discouraged the development of thermal power over the past forty years, but with modern thermal combustion equipment and pollution control systems, the new power stations can be economical and environmentally acceptable.

ecoTECHˇ¦s concept of local, small thermal power generators that consume strategic fuels and problem wastes is now in vogue. Our mission is to provide electrical power to communities that are not serviced by, or have problems with, major regional grid supply. Although each project brings a different set of parameters to be met, we are confident of being able to provide the very best state-of-the-art system solutions.




ecoTECH specializes in thermal combustion and emission control systems for solid fossil fuel or waste-to-energy conversion processes which take municipal solid waste or wood waste and generate heat for processes, electrical generation and combined cycle co-generation of both heat and electricity.

ecoTECH systems include designs for existing landfill life extension systems( 5 times life) and landfill gas extraction from old landfills that have dangerous leachate gas build-up, bagasse to ethanol recovery for sugar producing countries, woodwaste/biogas production and clean burning of poor coals.

Each ecoTECH system is custom designed to incorporate local factors, waste streams and indigenous socio-economic situations. ecoTECH places environmental considerations above all. Emissions and residues are minimized and usually reduced by ecoTECH activities. ecoTECH plants employ 40+ people in profitable and equitable relationship for shareholders, investors and staff.

ecoTECH Community Development