ecoTERRA Remediation Services Inc. ("ecoTERRA") is a full service environmental remediation company operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of ecoTECH Waste Management Systems (1991) Inc. ("ecoTECH"). ecoTERRA was incorporated in 1999 to implement the environmental remediation services and concepts developed by ecoTECH and its strategic partners.

ecoTERRA is solutions oriented. We will provide clients with the most effective and cost-efficient remediation solutions that can be leased, licensed or developed within our extensive network of resources. In particular, we have cost-effective solutions for on-site soil remediation, unique Sono-chemistry applications, and effective biological systems. ecoTERRA has the capability of putting together broadly conceived approaches to environmental remediation technologies and innovative design and engineering solutions, and a cost effective business model for implementing projects.

ecoTERRA helps clients develop alternative approaches to achieve their objectives while respecting local and international environmental standards.

We have a philosophy of balancing environmental protection and economic benefit. We are fully committed to sustainable environmental use practices and most of our work is designed to remedy failures in past practices. The larger mission of ecoTERRA is to help Nature regenerate healthy soils thereby creating a more healthy and pleasant environment for people.

Healthy soil has a vibrant, productive organic community, and limited pathogens and unwanted toxic and waste material. At a macro level, a healthy environment requires remediation of contaminated sites, careful management of waste disposal sites and processes, and other prevention measures. Healthy soil and careful waste management are also crucial for healthy water.

While ecoTERRAs business is to remediate toxic soil and waste disposal sites by removing or transforming toxic, unwanted material, this process will likely leave sterile soil and landfill sites that will only regenerate into organically complex and fertile sites over long periods of time. It may be important to speed up this natural regeneration process. We provide additional techniques and products for bio-remediation.

ecoTERRA will provide clients with services and products that meet domestic and international standards of environmental protection. We will help clients develop alternative approaches to achieve their objectives while respecting international environmental standards, and will assist them to evaluate the benefits, costs and risks of each approach.

As a full service environmental contractor or sub-contractor, ecoTERRA works closely with clients, consultants and interested parties to develop remediation solutions. We have the knowledge, experience and recognized qualifications to manage all aspects of remedial projects. The Company’s prosperity grows with the satisfaction and referrals of its clients, consultants and suppliers.

The initial remediation market sectors include hydrocarbons (BTEX) contaminated sites, contaminated mine sites and municipal waste sites, all of which are amenable to processes and designs that ecoTERRA can currently implement.



The ecoTERRA "Eradicator" hydrocarbon-contaminated soils and drilling mud cleanser features Clean Energy's ecoPHASER and tumble kiln mounted on a

TS2000-Star  step frame super trailer.


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