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ecoTECH Group Profile

The ecoTECH group of federal Canada companies (internet web site http://www.etwm.ca) is a conceptual and implementation design organization that specializes in pollution remediation for air, soil and water, thermal combustion and emission control systems for solid fossil fuel, or waste- to-energy conversion processes which take municipal solid waste or wood waste and generate heat for processes or electrical generation, or combined cycle co-generation of both heat and electricity (CHP plants).

ecoTECH systems include designs for landfill life extension systems (5 times life) and landfill gas extraction from old landfills that have dangerous leachate gas build-up, bagasse to ethanol recovery for sugar producing countries, woodwaste/biogas production and clean burning of poor coals.

ecoTECH’s concept of local, small thermal power generators that consume strategic fuels and problem wastes is now in vogue. Our mission is to provide electrical power to communities that are not serviced by, or have problems with, major regional grid supply. Although each project brings a different set of parameters to be met, we are confident of being able to provide the very best state-of-the-art systems and products to meet the needs.

Each ecoTECH system is custom designed to incorporate local factors, waste streams and indigenous socio-economic situations. ecoTECH places environmental considerations above all. Emissions and residues are minimized and usually reduced by ecoTECH activities.

ecoTECH designs include its range of solid-to-gas phase thermal reactors, with high frequency sonic standing wave pulse burners, which are licensed to its federal sister company ecoPHASER Energy Corp. (http://www.ecophaser.com) These are deployed in the latest ecoPHASER power station designs. ecoPHASER is a project development company.

ecoPHASER plants employ 40+ people in profitable, stable ventures that can be private companies, public-private partnerships (PPP’s), or international joint ventures.

ecoTECH also designs, implements and installs thermal and microbial soil and water clean-up systems, microbial manure to natural fertilizer production systems. (http://www.etwm.ca/ecoTERRA).

ecoTECH systems are manufactured by TS2000-Star Group of companies (http://www.ts2000-star.com) who have joint venture build capacity with Yituo Heavy Machinery Group,(http://www.yto.com.cn) or “YTO”, and Heromin Machinery Canada (http://heromin.ca) with a production workforce exceeding 52,000 employees.

ecoTECH employs the sciences of chemistry, biology, botany, biochemistry, physics, agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, silviculture, fuel blending, sono-chemistry, thermodynamics and all aspects of engineering in its programs and products. ecoTECH can tackle any energy, pollution remediation and sustainable development challenge.

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