Waste Management Systems (1991) Inc.

For over 29 years, the ecoTECH organization has worked to achieve its mission to assist, in every way possible, the revitalization of our wonderful planet's gifts of land, water and air..............

ecoTECH technologies & projects

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ecoTECH is the technology and project development company for a group of licensed companies with a common corporate vision.

We believe that with respect for nature and each other and with appropriate choices of technologies, all people of this earth can enjoy a healthy environment.

ecoTECH is skilled at bringing into production and implementing practical technologies for environmental remediation. Our capabilities range from simple to very large projects involving complex chemical, biological and site parameter challenges.

We work closely with clients, consultants and interested parties to develop full cycle environmental solutions. We have the knowledge, experience and recognized qualifications to manage all aspects of remedial projects.

ecoTECH Waste Management Systems offers solutions for:

>> disposal of medical waste

>> clean-up and purification of:

waste water, water courses, water delivery system and sources
>> remediation of a broad range of soil pollution

>> bio-fertilizer from manure wastes
>> purification of air emissions from many industry sources

>> utilization of hitherto problem waste items in new products or operations

>> provision of small to medium-scale combined heat** and electrical power (CHP)

generation, based on a wide range of biomass fuel sources, and waste materials

using the ecoPHASER systems.**

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 ecoTECH technologies & projects

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Corporate Head Office

& Main Laboratory:

Building #1 - 26633 Gloucester Way,

Langley, British Columbia,  V4W 3S8



Phone: +1 604-755 9363

Fax: +1 604-357 1363



**In March 2007, ecoTECH vested its Thermal Technologies in ecoPHASER Energy Corp, a subsidiary company of ecoTECH Energy Group dedicated to the development of projects, such as sustainable CHP power stations. Based in beautiful British Columbia, ecoPHASER has projects in several countries.

Please visit  for information on this exciting organization and the avant-garde SUSTAINABLE CLEAN ENERGY systems of the ecoPHASER Projects.


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