BLAYZE Medical Waste System

The Medi-Waste customizable unit is a compact, self contained and self sterilizing medical waste disposal system, which is designed to replace the transport and multi-stage handling of medical waste as is currently the standard practice.

  • A self-contained, sterilizing, compressing, shredding, combustion unit with metals recovery, auto ash removal, air emission filtration and ease of service
  • Staging areas built in allow for batch loading
  • Self steam cleans areas subject to contamination
  • High pressure super heated sterilization chamber with heat exchanger
  • Optional heat take-off valves for area heating: Thermax or steam
  • Small footprint: 16ft x 8ft nominal (5m x 2.5m) (500/1000 kg/day) or 20ft x 8ft 6 ISO container size for 1000/5000 kg/day
  • All hydraulic power to moving parts
  • 220v 60 amp power and propane or natural gas feed for preheat
  • Patent Pending
  • International Manufacturing & Distribution Licenses Available

Medical waste disposal is a burgeoning world-wide problem. Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Veterinarians, Mortuaries and many other service providers struggle daily to find safe non-polluting disposal systems.

Medical waste generally falls into two classifications:


Sharps - hypodermic and intravenous needles and syringes, scalpels, disposable hard plastic equipment, broken or contaminated microscope slides, blood vials and various other sharp objects that pose a danger to medical staff and disposal service personnel during the process of collecting, treatment, transport and disposal. In addition, these common items of discarded medical equipment are often contaminated with disease organisms. There is also the possibility that needles and syringes find their way in to the hands of illegal drug users. Many government environmental agencies now require that, in addition to being rendered sterile, this classification of medical waste be destroyed in such a way as to be completely unusable and unrecognizable before it is deposited in landfills.

Biomedical waste - which can amount to several tons a day for a large hospital, has traditionally been destroyed by incineration. Recent studies have shown that air emissions from these huge volumes of incinerated medical waste are one of the top three contributors of airborne dioxins and other atmospheric pollution.

The Blayze Medi-Waste module offers an self-contained system which is safe, reliable and self cleaning. The Spray Scrubber component is an efficient fail-safe device which results in clean, safe emissions.


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