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Pages and sites describing ecoTECH original and unique systems
ecoTECH garbage sorting systems Garbage and biomass sorting for combustion or composting.
Northern Pine Beetle & Bluewood Western Canada's forestry plague and interesting by-products.
ecoTECH medical waste systems Modular, compact stand-alone or in-house medical waste destruction.
ecoTECH Phaser Thermal Unit Innovative sublimation and Sonic Standing Wave combustion system assigned to ecoPHASER Energy Corp.- technical descriptions.
Link to ecoPHASER Web Site Direct link to ecoPHASER Energy Corp's web site.
ecoTERRA Remediation Systems Soil, habitat & contaminated sites remediation company.
ecoTECH water remediation Cleansing and revitalizing poisoned water courses and sources.
ecoTECH Pisces device Patented device to protect anadromous fish from hydro/irrigation water inlets.
ecoTECH clean coal systems Systems to remove contaminants from coal prior to combustion.
ecoTECH/CAN-China Link projects Can-Link Technology Inc.'s environmental projects in China.
ecoTECH/China-Link Manure Sys Manure remediation, processing & China Link/ ecoTECH Bio-fertilizers
ecoTECH Natural Source Fertilizers Bio-sourced + natural minerals fertilizers with active microbial action
Canada China Carbon Credit Corp. Certified Emission Reduction Credits qualification and trading explained
ecoTECH chemical power design "Aussie Power" patent-pending flame-less chemical power reactor design.
ecoTECH associates & partners

The scope and diversity of ecoTECH's technologies and projects are only achievable through the valuable contribution and assistance of a wealth of professional associates and industry partners.

We are justifiably proud of our many associates and project partners. Each brings expert skill sets to their role in projects and research or design activities in which we participate. We are therefore honoured to present links to their web sites or descriptive pages. Please depress the button to the left of this box.